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This game was amazing! The drawings were simple and beautifully done, and the experience it displayed was so well written.

At some stage I remember thinking, "Oh haha same." And then I thought, "Oh no, same!" And I laughed.

This was a really cool game to play, I'm not expert lol but I appreciate the time and effort you put into it :)

i cried a little, it is sad, nice story, written, nice short visual novel. i rate a 5/5

i cried so ducking much......

im absolutly devasted

This game made me realise that there are people out there with similar experiences as the character.  I got real invested in the story when the sudden change happened. The doctors were real bunch of s except for those that were actually trying to help her. Her friend too was a real one. Sticking by her side and always trying to help her. An amazing visual novel and i too love the ending. Very wholesome :)

this is the first game that has genuinely made me emotional, i absolutely love it :) keep on doing what you do, your gonna be famous someday

at first i thought this was gonna be about depression but im not mad cus narcolepsy isnt something i see talked about. and im so happy i got the ending where they go to the con and cosplay

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I had a doctor say to me "You seem fine... but obviously you're not" and if I'm ever a doctor, that's the only way I'll ever say that phrase
we still figuring stuff out, she's my most recent doc, she's nice :)
wishing devs and all in the comments luck~

Edit: omg and the endocrinologist looks like my doctor too! she's my gyno but pretty much acts like my GP right now (as much as she can)

I like this game! I can't entirely relate to the symptomatic side, but the maze of doctors is so accurate


i got a good end

yay, me too!


Ugh, I hate the fact that Sadie and Rae were still friends, even after Sadie accused Rae of lying. I was ready to drop her so fast, but other than  that, i got the good ending, and I'm happy for Rae

Same, I kinda felt bad that Rae was the one apologizing. Like, I understand how someone (especially a young person) could make that mistake, but I feel like she was definitely in the wrong in that case and if she had any self-reflection she would have  realized that (at least after the diagnoses came in).



Bruh...    my life is eeriely similar to Rae literally right now, it was so strange playing this game. I'm sleepy all the time and take multiple naps during the day, my throat has been hurting for 3 months now and doctors act literally the exact same way irl, the game portrayed that really well lol, they're all either kinda mean and socially inept or friendly and caring but neither can find what's actually wrong with you. And of course it's the pandemic right now so no normal teenage life, no seeing my friends everyday and no small school hijinks or field trips. I miss normal life.

But actually talking about the game now, is the choice between choosing your words carefully and being harsh really what decides if you get the really bummer ending or an actually pretty good one with Sadie? Because it feels a little extreme. Getting the bad ending my first time really made me feel bad, like I had failed Rae. Kind of frustrating to think it was all caused by that one decision at the end. But overall I enjoyed this game.

Glad to see this game is getting noticed. It's pretty well written and moving, I played it in one sitting which I normally wouldn't do


Yay! I got a good ending! (Feeling Fine Ending)

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Is there a way to contact the KJAM team. We would like to feature BYSF in an art exhibit.

Hi there! Our contact info is available from our developer page (


Hello, I'm a nine-year-old with anxiety (I play horror to try be brave but it just won't work), and this is true..

As an adult with anxiety, I don't think this is a very good idea. Anxiety isn't the same as normal fear. I, for one, am not very affected by jump-scares, but that doesn't mean I'm not anxious. The other issue is that you could very easily stumble upon something that you can't un-see. There's a lot of content online, especially in horror games, that can get lodged in your brain so you can't  forget it even when you want to.

Personally the only things that worked for me were medication and meditation. In fact, I might recommend the opposite and that instead of high-stress games you try some games which can teach patience (whether that be difficult games like Celeste or Getting Over It, creative games like Minecraft, methodical puzzle games like Hexcells or Return of the Obra Dinn, there's a lot of options). Since for me, learning to slow down  and be patient goes surprisingly hand-in-hand with learning to manage anxiety.

Hi! I watched Gloom play this game a couple of years ago (I think it was Gloom). I didn't recall much from when I watched her play so i thought i'd give it a go. I think i got a fairly good ending, Sadie and her made up and went to a Anime Expo. This game was really cute and I really enjoyed it. It's realistic with what happens aswell. Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows and this game shows that. On the other hand i found it really cute and it was inspiring, like i kept searching for an answer and i never gave up and if i had given up i wouldn't have gotten diagnosed. It's inspired me alot so thank you <3

yep it was gloom xd


Thank you!!!

What is tikka masala?

It's an indian dish made of chicken and some sort of sauce.

i am pakistani i just wanted to see if it was my one or something else

they spelt it wrong its actually masala tikka

omg this game ending was so wholesome and cute!

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My first play through I Iowkey forgot there were five endings and got one of the worst ones.

I am proud to report my second play through was a much better ending. I want to say best, but I am not yet sure.

This game was really heartwarming and wholesome! Thank you for bringing an honest smile to my face!

This game made me tear up it was beautifull 

I love Hamilton musical ♥


I loved this game! ❤ I have an invisible illness as well, hyperthyroidism. Luckily with my journey I didn't have to go through lots of doctors but I definitely  understand being misunderstood and not taken seriously because I look fine. 

what a lovely sweet little game. Itsucks how hard it is to find the right doctors, there really should be networks as well as practices. I'm glad it's worked out for whoever wrote this, and anyone with invisible illnesses.

I had something similar happen to me before we found out I had anemia


i got that anime event thing, i loved my ending and i cried sm, because of the story, the way i kinda relate to Rae, the way her mother tries to do everything for her daughter... this game is perfect

It isn´t saving my progress and allowing me to hit continue


I got the ending where I lose everything


Good job

I don't know why I can't play it. I click on "run game" but it never starts

Me neither...

same here :/



Hi KJAM People! I discovered this small game through TikTok, and All I can say is, I've never felt more heard by a piece of media. I have several medical conditions you cannot see on the surface, and this game was so relatable, heck, I had an experience almost exactly like the one in this game, begging for answers, begging to go back to my normal life, and feeling hopeless. I made an account so I could tell you how I, a person with a medical condition you cannot see, found that "But You Seem Fine." is a accurate representation. This game touched me so much I cried. I will recommend this game to my friends and family. I love this game. Thanks for making it, and representing a community that doesn't get talked about that much!


I found this game through tiktok, and i'm so glad i decided to check it out. Throughout the story i felt like sobbing myself, as it's very similar to my situation. Recently I've been diagnosed with epilepsy which is kinda different from narcolepsy but i went through the same experience. As i grew up, i became more sleepy but in Freshman Year i would knock out during classes and as soon as i came home. I would sleep all day but still feel exhausted. Me and my family thought it was just because of my depression, but one day i was found passed out and ghostly looking. It worried my parents so we went to the general doctor, but  they couldn't find anything and at the time it was a one time occurrence so we moved on. A few months later, I knocked out directly after school before i even had a chance to go home. After the second trip to the ER from this, my parents definitely believed something had to be wrong. We went to different doctors, had all sorts of tests done, but we couldn't find anything physically wrong with me. I remember all the nurses and doctors glancing at me, only to whisper to my mom that it was just 'a teenage thing' and i probably wasn't taking myself well and it pissed me off so much. I always tried to be happy-go-lucky with my family to cheer them up, but i was losing hope for myself already. I actually heard about narcolepsy from this character i knew, and i felt like it could be a possibility, but all the doctors made me feel like i was delusional so i dropped it. Finally, maybe over a year later i visited a neurologist and did a sleeping test as well, but we couldn't find anything. That is, until i finally had a seizure in front of my family. Previously, people always found my body post seizure so the doctors refused to diagnose me with epilepsy. But after my mom saw with her own eyes what happened i finally got the proper diagnosis. I was happy that i didn't have to deal with any doctors downplaying my incidents, but i was also terrified. This is something i might have to live with for the rest of my life. I cried a lot over this in secret. I got started on my medicine a while back, but we're still upping the dosage since I had a double seizure despite being on my regular dosage. So far i've been a few months without a seizure. My parents are more skittish with any noises, and I'm not as independent as i would like. I hope everything will steady down soon. This story hit so close to home, it's written beautifully. thank you so much for this. i hope everyone can play this



I got the ending where it says something like "You don't know how you are going to get through this without someone by your side, Mom doesn't get it, Maybe there was another way or another path"

However I don't feel like replaying for other endings cause my last save was after the cowboy boots doctor and the skip is too slow


When I was on the choice with the mom where it says "Harsh" vs "Say nothing", I picked Harsh cause I thought that's what I would do in real life (I don't like my own mom)

So after it went to the ending I was kind of sad (not like super upset just a tiny bit) cause it was like oh i pushed her away, got the bad ending... Just like i tend to push my family away in real life, would that give me a "bad ending" too


Well I think the reason why that's a bad ending is because the protagonist got stuck in a belief or thoughts that no one will ever understand her illness, and resentment that everyone else seems to be living happily while she has to deal with and be limited by her illness. IT was not like OH and after that her life became so bad!! But just because you chose choices that led to her developing some toxic beliefs, feeling resentment, feeling upset no one will ever truly understand

I imagine after that she probably just continued to live her life and still managed the narcolespy, but having a very negative mental outlook or something.

It really reminds me of myself..


Hello my friend, I know life can be quite challenging, but please don't push your family away if you don't mind. Family is there for you, they are your closest links and bonds, and your mother is the most loving person to you. Things can be tough, but I guarantee if you have a good relationship with your mother and the rest of your family, this will be better than being in a negative or "distant" relationship with them. I hope you have a nice day!

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i think youre neglecting a simple fact: some people suck

edit: clarifying this is about the mom and not the commentor

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Okay, let me be a nitpicky a*** first: Rae's symptoms are crystal clear almost since the beginning, it kinda doesn't make sense it took the doctors (even if it's not the particular specialist) to figure it out. 

But then again, it's clearly the message is about the invisibility of the illness. The distrust you got from medical professionals and friends, the depression after feeling like a burden and losing control of your life, accidentally pushing people away, and so on. I can relate to that 100% (I have the illness that isn't exactly the same, but comes from the same place). I got teared up after Rae finally received her diagnosis but then realized the aftermath of "managing the disease". Illness like that does seem to shut down the doors to your dreams, but you just have to find a new path around it, probably even opening to another new doors.

I read that this is based from one of the developer's story, I hope a total wellness and happiness to whoever that may be. This is an amazing story and amazing game, thank you so much for creating this.


**this commentary is not meant to belittle or demean the characters of this story in any way** 

so i'm sitting here like, 'ok, it's nothing medical; she needs to see a psychologist/psychoanalyst/therapist to see if somethings there'

the game: 'you go to md after md but nothings showing up as wrong'

me: 'ya bc she needs mental care'

the game: 'keep looking for doctors?'

me: 'alright, find some psychologists'

the game: 'the medical doctors find nothing wrong'

me: "i said psychologists ashdfjkanjskdfnlfkja'

the game: 'look for more doctors?'

me: 'since u obviously mean MDs, no'

*game begins to end*

me: 'welp time to try again from the beginning'



i rlly don't think you understand that most parents don't understand psychologists and a lot of medical doctors (especially older ones, who we see multiple times in the story) discredit the work and legitimacy of psychologists. this is completely realistic


alright, makes sense, sorry

i understand m8



this is almost exactly what i went through for the diagnosis and treatment of my sleep disorder omg. its really sweet and? so real. i love this game sm


i thought she had depression for a while. But none the less I could feel her I just like, like, felt it bro.



This was extremely relatable. I cried a lot. Thank YOU

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