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This was amazing.

alr- that was good

chronically ill 20-something here who's had health issues my whole life, thank you for making this. <3

how do i download this bc my browser doesnt suport 


I'm going through something of a similar situation right now, right down to the constant fatigue. I've almost given up on trying to find someone who will actually listen to me multiple times, but it's reassuring to know that, even if I can't get a diagnosis of my own yet, there are other people who've gone through the same kind of thing and gotten through it. I'm so grateful that there are things like this game that help me, and many other people, feel a little less alone. Thank you.


This was such a good game. The story felt very real and very relatable (somehow? I haven't been through all of this but I just felt so much and got absorbed by the story) I got teary eyed a few times and I really loved how the ending isn't "and she healed!". I love how it talks about "the new normal" and how things can't really go back, but they can become something good.

I honestly can't describe how grateful I am this exists.


I don't have enough words to say how much I love this game, waaaay before I knew my own illnesses I tried to play and was already relating so much. Can't say it was what took me to doctors because it wasn't but I was already at the annoying trial and error phrase so could relate to the medical fatigue

Now quite a few years later I tried to play again, now in road to recovery adjusting well to medication and getting help but still not quite there, even when the situation is different I still adore this game. Inspired me to make one of my characters on a DnD campaign also have narcolepsy, which in turn also made me and my best friend research more about it 

All I can say is thank you for such realistic yet comforting portrait of living with an invisible illness


Loved this. And actually really appreciated that it had a happy ending, but one that was REALISTIC.


Steven universe reference on the poster! And Hamilton but I haven’t seen it so I don’t care as much

As someone who went through nearly the very same thing (Though mine did end up being a pituitary brain tumor, tho different type) when I was like 13/14 this struck quite a chord. A really solid representation of that feeling too.


As someone who's been hospitalised a lot as a kid, this is realistic. Amazing game and storyline, 10/10


I also love all the Hamilton and steven universe ref!!

i have one singular word to describe this. bootiful. 10.11/10


Nice storytelling! Even had to cry a little along the way.

Also i can learn a bit of how to be empathetic or how not to be from the characters.


W mom btw 


I swear I had this same sorta thing a while back and the third thing they were going to do was a sleep study. These are some L doctors


Omg this story is so heartwarming and genuine , W author  




Amazing editing!! I wish I was that talented✨✨✨


Btw she has an amazing mom!!!

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lChapter 1 Mwah chefs kiss❤️🥺✨👏 Although it sounds like she should see a therapist🫥🫥li loved the game anyway good job!!✨👏🥺

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I really loved playing this game. It really made me see what a lot of people with mystery illnesses could go through. I was thinking that it was that type of condition but knowing how this started with a cold I was doubting that, but it was that in the end.


I feel like there is no reason to put in a spoiler about the game's conclusion here; kind of makes it less of a mystery for those who have not finished it yet!


Yeah you're right sorry about that


OMFG SADIE COMING IN CLUTCH WITH "Have you heard of psychosomatic symptoms?"  



But in the end it was not psychological.



That fucking piano gave me everywhere at the end of time flashbacks.


As someone who is currently looking for a diagnosis, this game really resonated with me and I'll admit I did cry a few times. Though my symptoms don't seem as severe as Rae's, I've also struggle with exhaustion since middle school. As soon as the bits about automatic behaviors came up I was sure her diagnosis was gonna be narcolepsy. Wonderful game <3

Is for mobile or pc? Idk


Thank you for sharing the game. It was very heartbreaking... maybe I will try it again taking different options. 

I don't have as much fatigue as someone with Rae, but I have a different invisible illness, and its such a battle to get recognition and see if you can find a good doctor. I'm still in that process sadly.


Playing this about two years ago not knowing what this meant, compared to now dealing with this exact situation is heart shattering. Its an insane coincidence i guess but an unfortunate one. Just the first line absolutely broke me. This realistic and bittersweet visual novel  is amazing. Makes everything feel real.Thank you.  


First game that made me actually cry, damn


This is why we need general doctors that are good at diagnosing invisible stuff, and then redirect you to doctors that can help. IDK if we already have one, actually... 


I can tell you had a very hard time.This was a great story but I couldn't finish it Great job Rae! :)


I actually finished it in tears sad/great story I'd say

i NEED more, crying rn


Just finally finished your game (downloaded it several weeks ago)... And it's a really great VN! Very captivating and quite the emotional ride that I can relate to a little. 

That being said, and considering the game is out for quite some time now there is but one question: are you going to make another game? 

All the best



congratulations i cried alot

This game is amazing and i wish i had money to support them and i hope they release more games like it

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this game is


I made a account to comment on this. I have never had a invisible disease, never had to go doctor to doctor, never had any of that. But I saw this, and had to play. Going though the visits in game was tiring, but I could never imagine that in real life. Even if you don't have something the main character has, or aren't like the main character, still try to play the game. It really helps with empathy. Thank you for making this game devs, and thank you for reading this, whoever you are. :)


A surreal game to play a week before I do a sleep study.


My most common words said was:

Keep fighting



What's wrong with these doctors

and here's a bonus word I said

How many more depressing chapters are there?😭


These doctors ain't shit-

They said I was sniffing glue-


Im depressed-


This game made me feel some inexplicable emotions. Truly, TRULY, inexplicable. I was in tears by the end. I've been to doctors offices at least 10 times in the past year and its not easy. Feeling like you will never get an answer is heartbreaking. Then even when you do, it doesn't feel quite as good as you were hoping. I loved this game. :}


This game was one of the best games I've ever played. Ngl, I was sobbing by the end of it because as someone with multiple chronic illnesses, seeing her struggle of going from doctor to doctor really struck a chord in me. When she finally got the diagnosis, I was crying right along with her, because I know the feeling of relief when someone actually figures it out. I've been passed on from doctor to doctor, all of them saying different things, and none of them being true. I'm very glad I kept choosing the "continue searching" path, because seeing Rae get so happy at the end makes the 2 hours of playing this game, sobbing, playing some more, sobbing some more, worth it :) 

I feel you

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